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Vova Chë Morale & Sweet Hot Jazz Band (Venemaa)

Sweet Hot Jazz Band.jpg

Vova Chё Morale & Sweet Hot Jazz Band – a fiery jazz band from St. Petersburg! Each of their concerts is a real modern show in the best traditions of entertaining jazz of the past. The repertoire of the band includes the iconic, world-famous jazz hits from the repertoire of Louis Armstrong, Louis Prima, Ray Charles as well as the author’s compositions of Sweet Hot Jazz Band for the widest audience of listeners.
The frontman of the band Vova Chё Morale is a singing trumpeter, who is unsurpassed in the art of scat (vocal improvisation), masterfully combines pipe solos and many vocal techniques, and also hosts a concert at his ease in the best stand up traditions of the past.
Sweet Hot Jazz Band performs incredibly energetic and life-affirming, at times hooligan music, designed to enjoy life and love our delightfully immense world simply because it is.