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Nyman Paradise.png

Gabriel Dahl - bass
Oscar Olsén - guitar
Ludwig Sievert - keys
Aleksi Ylimäki - drums
Joel Nyman - trumpet

Joel Nyman Paradise is an 80’s future vision. A skyline of popular culture, funky grooves and synth jazz lies beyond the horizon. Paradise is closer than ever - let’s go to funk city!

They have been touring the US and their second album is recorded. The steaming hot hits calls for a celebration, and with the old gold in the repertoire they party at Philly Joe’s.

Despite the name they have no particular band leader, the bass player thought the name went well with ”Paradise”. They strive to develop Joel Nyman Paradises music and image within the realm of pop- and funk jazz, inspired by the 80’s and the era’s popular culture. The group met back in 2014 but have played and performed on a regular basis for about a year and a half. Their debut album Welcome To Paradise was released on February 22nd and they recently got out from the studio (April 29th) with eight new tracks!

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