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New New Trio feat. Kari Antila (Soome)

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Kari Antila - guitar
Tuomo Uusitalo - piano
Tomi Kämäräinen - drums
Kaisa Mäensivu - bass

New New Trio is co-lead by New York-based pianist Tuomo Uusitalo and drummer Tomi Kämäräinen, who currently resides in Denmark. The group performs original music from the band members, influenced by nordic culture and music, as well as being rooted in jazz tradition. New New Trio will be collaborating with guitarist Kari Antila in October 2019, touring in Finland, Estonia and Latvia. On this tour you can also hear New York-based bassist Kaisa Mäensivu. Kaisa is known from groups such as Kaisa's Machine, Signe, also she was the recipient of the 2018 award 'Pori Jazz Rising Star’.

Two Finns, Smalls Jazz Club in New York City 2018, waiting in a line. What are the odds to meet in these circumstances! From this point of view, they started their collaboration.

Sometimes life can guide us to directions we can't foresee. After randomly meeting in a line of Smalls Jazz Club and getting to know each other over a cold beer, they noticed sharing common thoughts in life and art. Three weeks from that, they played their first gig together at Spectrum, Brooklyn NYC.

“I remember my exact feeling when I met Tuomo at the very first time. I’ve had a feeling that we have been friends from the childhood or something. We shared a common thoughts in life and being a musician. After to our first playing session I felt that we have to continue this beautiful journey together somehow, says Tomi”

Later Event: October 29
Tuesday Jam Session